Hard Parts

Choose from a variety of cargo control parts. Whether you need a metal corner or a Weld-On C-Hook, we've got it covered. Select your item from the list below. 

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Product Weight Each (Lbs.) Factory Package Order Unit
CC5620 - CargoBar Rack (For Square Bars Only) 6.25 LBs. 8/Ctn. Each
CC5626 - Weld-On C-Hook 0.83 Lbs. 12/Ctn. Each
CC5630 - 4" Metal Corner 1.46 LBs. 24/Ctn. Each
CC5634 - 4" Rubber Corner 0.88 Lbs. 50/Ctn. Each
CC5635 - 16" Galvanized Corner 1.83 Lbs. 24/Ctn. Each
CC5642 - HD Beam Socket 0.92 Lbs. 12/Ctn Each
CC5656 - G-70 Floor Chain Anchor (3/8 Chain) 3.45 Lbs. 10/Ctn. Each
CC5680 - 4" Plastic Corner 0.30 Lbs. 24/Ctn. Each
CC5695 - Strap Winder 3.17 Lbs. 6/Ctn. Each