Quik Grip HD V-Bar LT

Traditional and not-so-traditional steel link chain for heavy duty LT applications

Quik Grip HD V-Bar LT link chain comes from an old tradition of specialized chain made for the toughest conditions in Canada and Alaska.  In these bitter cold temperatures, icy road surfaces, and blizzard conditions, it is critical to have equipment that won't fail risking down time and injury.

Available in both CAM and NON-CAM style versions.  The CAM lock is a convenient way to tighten down the chains without tensioners.

Chain tensioners are required but NOT included with all NON-CAM type chains.  Chains that offer a CAM tightening system DO NOT require separate chain tensioners, but they do require a CAM tightening tool that is included in the bag.

Please Note:  This traction product DOES NOT meet S.A.E. Class “S” clearance requirements.

Vehicle Type
  • Steel link
Cross Member Pattern
  • Ladder
Tensioners Included
  • No
Tensioners Required
  • Yes
Meets Class “S”
  • No
  • V-bar
  • Bag
Has CAM Locking Mechanism
  • Yes