Super Z6®

Super Z6® is our latest patented winter traction product. Although it’s based on our experience with the other products in the “Z” family. Super Z6® has one very special quality; it will operate in less than half the space required by most cable chains and tire chains. To be more precise, it requires only 6.3 mm (1/4″) of operating space in the critical inside sidewall area of the tire (typical Class “S” products require 15mm).

Super Z6® is available to fit passenger car, pick-up and SUV tire sizes. Super Z6® offers a unique combination of performance and convenience features for every user:

  • Fast easy installation with no need to move the vehicle (similar to Z Passenger series).
  • “Designed-in” rubber tensioners means there is no need to stop and retighten after installation.
  • Better all-around traction performance than conventional tire chains or cables.
  • Greater durability than conventional tire chains or cables.
  • Better compatibility with anti-lock brakes, traction control, all-wheel drive (AWD) and other electronically monitored control systems.
  • EXCEEDS S.A.E. Class “S" clearance requirements on vehicles with limited clearance.
  • Low potential for damage to vehicle body and mechanical components, even when abused.


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Vehicle Type
  • Alloy cross member
Cross Member Pattern
  • Diagonal
Tensioners Required
  • Yes
Tensioners Included
  • Yes
Meets Class “S”
  • Yes
  • Cable
  • Nylon bag
Has CAM Locking Mechanism
  • No

How to use Peerless Super Z6 & Z8

Installation instructions for Peerless Super Z6 & Z8