Quik Grip V-Bar HD

Traditional steel link with a welded "v" for added traction, and available for a variety of trucks.

This specialized tire chain, fabricated with a small "V" of low carbon steel material is welded onto each link for added traction and durability. This tire chain caters to a variety of truck tires, whether you need it for single truck tires or for dual/triple truck tires, this chain is available.

Chain tensioners are required but NOT included with all NON-CAM type chains.  Chains that offer a CAM tightening system DO NOT require separate chain tensioners, but they do require a CAM tightening tool that is included in the bag.

Tensioners, replacement cross members and other parts are available through some retailers.

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Vehicle Type
  • Steel link
Cross Member Pattern
  • Ladder
Tensioners Required
  • Yes
Tensioners Included
  • No
Meets Class “S”
  • No
  • V-bar
  • Bag
Has CAM Locking Mechanism
  • Yes