Super Z® HD - Dual/Triples

Dual/Triple for extreme heavy duty performance.

Like Super Z®HD singles, Super Z® QuickDraw™ dual/triples are designed with the commercial user in mind. Super Z® HD comes in sizes to fit all commercial highway and traction tires. Unlike conventional dual/triple chains, Super Z®HD can be installed quickly and securely. All the adjustability is the “QuickDraw™” center rail that tightens with a simple pull.

Super Z® ’s packaging includes illustrated installation and removal instructions. Dual/triples are packaged one half pair per box.

DO NOT use chain tighteners.

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QuikDraw Center Rail Tensioner

Z®’s patented QuikDrawTM tensioning eliminates the need for any tightening
tools or additional tensioners. Its one-piece design allows for fast, easy installation.


Greater durability and weight savings of at least 30% compared to conventional “link” tire chains.

Outside Fastening System

Outside fastening system for fast and easy installation.

Inside Fastening System

This inside fastening system is easy to connect and disconnect, providing fast and easy installation.

Vehicle Type
  • Alloy cross member
Cross Member Pattern
  • Diagonal
Tensioners Required
  • No
Meets Class “S”
  • No
  • Cable
  • Cardboard box