Custom Chain Sling

chain sling

As chain sling manufacturer, we make custom lifting chain slings from small to oversized chain slings. Our goal is to make the best quality chain for your custom chain slings using strength enhancing features of triple alloy with nickel, chromium, molybdenum and links with a single weld.


There are several options available to you for building your own customized chain sling. When ordering a chain sling, please keep the following in mind:

1. SIZE: This is specified by the size of the material from which the chain is made, determined by working load limit required.

2. REACH: This is the length, including attachments, measured from bearing point to bearing point.

3. ATTACHMENTS: Unless otherwise specified standard master links as given herein will be used. When other than standard master links or hooks are required, we should be given a complete description or a drawing of the requested substitute.

4. TYPE: Select and specify proper type of sling. Examples: S = single; O = oblong link; S = sling hook


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