Weatherproof Locks

These locks are designed with the elements in mind. No matter what Mother Nature throws your way, they can handle it. The lock is completely sealed from the weather, constructed of laminated steel with a double locking device for even more protection. Even internally the lock fights off tough climates with a lock cylinder made of solid brass, pin tumblers, and stainless steel springs. And don’t worry, the keys didn’t miss out on this weatherproofing -- each lock comes with two solid brass, nickel plated keys. 


  • Designed with the elements in mind
  • Completely sealed from the weather
  • Laminated steel with a double locking device for extra protection
  • The internal lock cylinder is solid brass, has pin tumblers and stainless steel springs
  • Two solid brass, nickel plated keys accompany each lock
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Product Trade Size (in.) Weight Each (Lbs.) Factory Package Order Unit
H4924-1261 1 1/2" Case (40mm) 0.61 12/Ctn. Each
H4925-2461 1 1/2" Case (40mm) 0.69 12/Ctn. Each